SINFONI - Near-infrared Integral Field Spectrograph


  • European Southern Observatory

Used Tools and Technologies:

  • C/C++
  • Image Processing Algorithms
  • Astronomy specific data standards


  • C/C++ Software Developer
  • Design and Implementation of physical models for optical instruments
  • Integrate Simulated Annealing algorithm to existing pipeline code.

Typical view of a star on SINFONI detector:

The processed image:

SINFONI is a near-infrared (1.1 -- 2.45 µm) integral field spectrograph fed by an adaptive optics module, currently installed at the Cassegrain focus of UT4. The spectrograph operates with 4 gratings (J, H, K, H+K), providing a spectral resolution around 2000, 3000, 4000 in J, H & K respectively, and 1500 in H+K -- each wavelength band fitting fully on the 2048 pixels of the Hawaii 2RG (2kx2k) detector in the dispersion direction. The spatial "pixel" scale is selectable from 0.25", 0.1" to 0.025" per image slice, corresponding to field-of-views of 8"x8", 3"x3" and 0.8"x0.8" respectively. The instrument can be used with a Natural Guide Star or a Laser Guide Star to provide near diffraction-limited observations. It can also be used for seeing-limited open-loop observations.

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